Did someone cheated me?

I bought a used version of Swift 3d v3. The CD contained nothing more than one file (about 12 Mb) and the key.
Installation was no problem, but there is no “Export” button in the program? Is it possible that someone sold me the trial or something else?

even if it is a demo, there’s a button that says “preview and export editor”, if it is a demo, render something and try to save it, and it will tell you you cant, because its a demo, and if you can export and save, it is the full version!!:smiley:

How much did you pay for this?
It sounds like you have release 168!
If that is the case - it is a pre-release version of the product with all export functions not functional!
Someone correct me if I am wrong! But that may be the problem!

That could be. I guess he sold me the version you can find in Kazaa. Is there a possibility to upgrade (i guess i won’t find him to get my money back)?