Did something happen to design?

When I was last on KirupaForum, I remember being in love with web design, graphic design, industrial design, anything design! Now that I’ve been here for a couple more days, I feel like something is missing. What happened to minimalism? We used to get so excited when we designed webpages so simply and so perfectly that we could feel the sweetness of the eye-candy widening our pupils. We used to design new footers and avatars every month and talk about 2advanced, Fantasy Interfaces and Billy Bussey like they were gods. Was it the new super high resolution screens that made reading pixel fonts a pain? Was it CSS and the “Web 2.0” craze which caused all of the new websites to look the same? (You know… Big fonts, lots of greens and blues.)

Or is it just me?

Who are the web design gods now? What style of design is popular? Are people still obsessed with PHP here? :slight_smile: