The last tendencies in web design....?

As all of u know there are a lot of tendencies in design lately, and I was wondering which ones are the latest tendencies in web design, Im only talking about design, colors, techniques, etc…I know a couple of things but maybe some techniques that are very popular are overused now, and some new ones are entering into the fight arena…what´s trendy now???

overexposed pictures
the whole soft and blurry technique
grid backgrounds

I think CSS is really taking off at the mo. As for trends, clean and simple will always be for me =)

grunge and scanlines are overused (grunge still rules ;)) but I agree CSS in taking off :slight_smile:

I think using Flash just for the sake of using Flash is a big trend now…your sites not cool unless there’s some flash, apparently.

I’ve seen quite a few sites that would have been fine as just HTML/CSS sites but no, the designers decided to charge their clients a bit more money and stick in some flash.

New: The color green.

Brown is definetly coming back. I seriously like the fuzzy brown colors.

Adds it to site Lol :P.

Gallantly Green :

hey I happen to have a new appreciation for grunge! never really cared for it before until now. in fact the site I am working on will be sort of grungy or soemthing. I guess that people tend to overuse it or soemthing… I agree, with you Reefster, I like the color brown too! :thumb:

Hm. I’m in the process of splitting my personal/business site into 2 seperate domains, and I was doing my business site in blue. Maybe I should do it in green instead?

no offense redrum, rite now on your cam…u got that stoner face hapening! :mu:

Hmm, centered layouts or regular ones? ( or, say, :P)

Great link PR