(didnt know where to post this) but PHP related question

I want to make a forum with phpBB download http://www.phpbb.com/downloads.php can someone (ex. lostinbeta) help me with this? sadly, I dont have any exprience with PHP… if you can help me or link me to tutorial… it will be great.

Q1. which one should i download…
Q2. how can i edit…
and more. :slight_smile:

:-\ Erm…

Sadly I myself am still learning PHP and I have never used mySQL or set up a forum so I wouldn’t be able to offer much help here…

ouch… thanx any ways :smiley:

If you are trying to create a forum with Flash as the front end there is quite alot of work involved and the need for a database - I like mySQL but if you are not sure where to begin and what you need the logistics of the project are far larger than a simple answer to your post.
I would highly suggest purchasing “Foundation PHP for Flash” by Steve Webster.
It covers a full tutorial on setting up a forum and all the info on getting PHP and mySQL up and running on any system.
Hope this helps a little!

Hey Allen, phpBB isn’t a Flash forum.

It is just a regular forum, which does use PHP and mySQL.

ya i wasnt talking about flash php (??!?!) thanx for your reply tho :smiley:

Eum…ive got quite some php knowledges…
id kinda go for the full package…

however, php is edited in notepad…you have to know the codings. if you wish only to download the file and have your forum look just like every phpbb forum everywhere then i guess it shouldnt be too much of a problem, but if you wish to modify anything of the codings youll have to know the language…life’s harsh man, but php is quite similar to many other programming languages…

if you for example know any of the following its a great advantage when learning php:
-advanced flash action scripting
-visual basic or vb scripting
-java script
-know how to program advanced irc commands yourself