Difference: Event Vs. Callback


I’m experimenting with the MovieClipLoader Class to gather information of an externally loaded clip. There are serveral “Callbacks” that are listed:

[]MovieClipLoader.onLoadStart() - invoked when loading begins.
]MovieClipLoader.onLoadProgress() - invoked as the loading process progresses.
[]MovieClipLoader.getProgress() - progress of the downloaded file(s).
]MovieClipLoader.onLoadInit() - invoked after the actions in first frame of clip have executed.
[]MovieClipLoader.onLoadComplete() - invoked when the entire downloaded file has been written to disk.
]MovieClipLoader.onLoadError() - invoked if the clip cannot be loaded.
[*]MovieClipLoader.unloadClip() - remove movies/images loaded with this method or cancels a load operation in progress.
[/list] I’m they all ‘appear’ to be written just like an event, like:

myButton.onRelease = function () {

So to better understand AS my question is, what is the difference between an EVENT and a CALLBACK?

I look forward to hearing back,