Different text in 1 movie

I suppose this would be done in actionscripting. I have created a movie clip called ‘text’, which obviously displays all my text to be shown. Now what I want to do is when I click a link to a different page in my site, all I want to happen is for it to change the information on the ‘text’ movie. Do I need to make 5 different ‘text’ movies and just have each link load a the different movie or what?
If you can make any sense of this, please reply


Just create a dynamic text field and imput your text through AS.

You say the movie clip is called text eh?

Give your textfield the var name of “myTextBox” and add this code in the main timeline just to see how it works…

_root.text.myTextBox = “this is my text”

“this is my text” should appear inside of your dynamic textbox.