Difficulties With Nav Menu

Hello all.
Apologies to ask a question as a first post.
I’ve been working for over 24 hours trying to figure out why the pop-out nav menu I am trying to author is not operating correctly.
At first, I had coded the script so when the user rolls over one of the preliminary nav options, the popout menu would expand from below it. At that point, I was unable to select the other sub selection menu items (they were originally done as movie clips).

I have since attempted to rework the entire nav system and change the items that were movie clips (sub selections) to buttons.
Now, I can open the menu by rolling over the first option and as I roll over the sub selections, they operate fine.

However, my current issue is that the bar that expands from the initial rollover will not go away, even with my “this.onRollOut” command.

I’m at a complete loss.

Any suggestions or advice as to what might be causing this issue?

The code I was using for the rollout command was:

this.onRollOut = function () {
gotoAndPlay (64); //I had a loop set here where it would move back to frame 64,
//which was the closed version of the popout menu… essentially
//making the user believe the menu disappears.

Anyway, any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.