Digital artwork!

Okey dokey. Well… Unflux gave me the idea of comming over to the ‘Drawing and Design’ forum, to get some feedback on my artwork. Thats what im doing!!

Please give some constructive critisism on these! (I will number them so it’s easy!)

First I will start out with Signatures that I have created.

OK, thats it for the sigs. how give me feedback on them! :lol:

Now for some just random size digital artwork:

1. PluSpikes

2. PluSvear

3. PluLoops

Ok, thats it for those! Please give me some feedback on them! All feedback will be greatly appreciated.(spelling?)

How many do you want feedback for … geezzz… lol…

ok, ok, you have some nice work here, lets start with the sigs.

out of the sigs i like 1, 2 4, 6, 8,

I like 1 but the bar just looks out of place on the left, and the font on the bottom right is not legiable at all.

2 is nice because of the image inside but again the text lets it down.

4, again the image is really nice, but the text is not working.

6 is pretty cool, dont mind this small one.

I like 8 but its too large for this forum. why i like it is because the design, the colour all work out nicely together. and the type is simple yet effective

As for the random images…

all are ok… fancy 3d work and photoshop work, just looks like you need to work on your typography for 1 and 2.

3 is actually quite nice… but i feel its missing something, maybe that brown is not going well with the design…

Hope that enough feedback? :wink:

Yup that was nice! Thanks! Lol, yes that was alot… but aren’t you glad that all of them aren’t links?

Any more people?

feedback: neat!!!
I so like them all! :beam: :slight_smile:

for the sigs…whatever soulty said :stuck_out_tongue:

I like especially number 2 and 6 because of the simplicity and colours.

for the random images,
i dont quite like PluSpikes, because it has rather bad colouring to it (too dark, white parts too white) :frowning:
i like PluSvear, it’s just nice. hard to say why, i just like it :slight_smile:
PluLoops didn’t work out for me because, again, it’s abit dark. also it has too much detail going on (with all the mesh lines). to add to that, the circle and explosion thing don’t quite blend in :frowning:

but on the whole, i think they’re all ok, keep it up

I like 6

i think 3 is the best… good work PluTunium :wink:

your typography definitely needs work. You’ve improved so much
so fast, but I would suggest spending some time studying and
practicing with font choice and placement.

I still think forrter #3 is the best you’ve done. The colors are vivid
and form an image that’s alive.

Keep going! all you can do is get better. =)