Digital counterfeiting

Adobe Photoshop CS has built in protections that limit you from opening images of currency. Other image editing softwares apparently have this built in protection, but none have been named as of yet.

Quoted from the article:

Angry customers have flooded Adobe’s Internet message boards with complaints about censorship and concerns over future restrictions on other types of images, such as copyrighted or adult material.

“I don’t believe this. This shocks me,” said Stephen M. Burns, president of the Photoshop users group in San Diego. “Artists don’t like to be limited in what they can do with their tools. Let the U.S. government or whoever is involved deal with this, but don’t take the powers of the government and place them into a commercial software package.”

There will be patches to defeat these protections within 2-3 weeks. They say the honest customer has nothing to worry about. Thats all fine and dandy, but its the dishonest customers…the ones who know how and where to get the cracks/patches that make this whole thing pointless.