New Photoshop Cs Users: Bug Trouble

Hey dudes

For those who wish to experience the glory of the creative suite go out and get it NOW! Yet take heed first:

I have found a bug and am wondering if anyone else has found it. This might be a long shot since there are very few CS users as of this point due to the fact that it only came out very recently. But for those who have tried it listen up. I am running a windows machine (XP). You load photoshop and run it, and you start to realize that the modifier keys don’t work (that’s geek speek for the ctrl and alt buttons). Has anyone gotten this? Is there a fix. I know they have a fix for it on the Adobe site for MAC’s, but not PC’s yet. Any clue perhaps.


Does anyone know if there are “educational promotions” for students for Photoshop CS?
Or anything that could reduce the cost somewhat…
How much does the normal retail version cost?

I know I’ve used copies of software (who the hell hasn’t??)
But I want to -purchase- Photoshop, maybe Illustrator and very maybe a couple other progs, because when I graduate, I’m sure as hell not going to use copied versions…

Another thing that crossed my mind: all those students that are learning or willing to learn Photoshop (or any other piece of software), they can’t all go and buy the full version?! I know -many- students who already have a hard time paying for their education alone. The trial version doesnt help enough when you really want to get into photoshop -I know: now you’re going to say “well, if they want that so much, they should buy it…” but many can’t… and if that would be the only option, many wouldn’t bother at all. (which means they won’t have the same skills, which means they might never use the software in companies etc)

I’m not really sure what I want to say here :slight_smile: Except: I know piracy is wrong and should be banned etc… but a LOT of Adobe software users (and others) learned the software by playing around with a copy, so that when they graduate, they can actually do some serious work.
And -then- buy a full copy, when they can actually afford it…

It took God 7 days to create earth because he was rendering with Radiosity, Raytraced Shadows and Caustics.
Yeah i love that quote as well mlk… classic by DDD… :thumb:

There are education pricing for adobe products… not to be used for commercial though :slight_smile:

I buy my software at AcademicSuperstore
I’m currently saving some dough for the creative Suite. I don’t have too much money but I always buy my software, or win it for that matter! I’ve won copies of Swift3D and sorenson Squeeze so [email protected] :phil:
the funniest thing about his thread is how he’s so proud of being one of the first CS users yet it bites him in the ***!