ok - i’m building my first real site, and there’s quite a lot of info to put in (text). i’m using something close to flash’s default dimensions: 650x400 (w/h) and when i insert the .fla in dreamweaver i can see that it caters for the 800x600 desktop as the lowest common denominator

well, i quickly run out of space in those tiny settings (i have the logo at the top taking some room, and the menu at the bottom!) so that i’m having to include scrolls nearly in every scene!!

hmm, i just wondered how everybody else deals with this

Check out some Flash sites out there to see what they are doing. Many have the same problem you are running into. I run into that problem too. Though I usually publish my Flash pages out at 800/600. I don’t think that there are too many people who are running at a resolution lower than that. It should give you a little more room, and it will not be enlarged more than a little by most viewers…

yeah - surprisingly, some flash sites are very small (dimension-wise) but they make excellent use of space
tiny fonts which i can read, but i always wonder what happens if you can’t make out the words!

many cheers