Direction needed please

I am a hobbyist with Flash and coding in general…but I can learn with directions.

I am trying to create an RSS reader using the JavaScript code generated by this site -

I have found a nice tutorial at to create the structure of a reader… how do I incorporate the code generated by the above website into the what goldenmean helps me create?

Alternatively, I’d be grateful for directions to further reading.

Thank you all in advance.


P.S. - I am trying to put up my first personal webpage, a humble effort, where I intend to gather my thoughts about the sport of Cricket. The free web host I have registered with doesn’t support PHP (I think) and the GoldenMean effort uses PHP (I’m a bit lost here:sen: ). It is a small fancy of mine. I need this RSS reader to collect the latest scores of games being played around the globe from the RSS feed from another website.