RSS the way to go?

Hello peoples.
I’m just about to start what for me is a rather ambitious project in flash.

To shortly describe my confusion at this as of yet early stage;
I need to create a site that can be managed by the (not very tech savvy) client. I’ve earlier set up a simple php/mysql blog for the same client that he seems comfortable with. (I used Serendipity.
Searching for the obvious “Flash CMS” and “Flash + PHP” gives me a host of different solutions that seem to have in common that they do not really work all that well and/or are very complicated to code for in flash.
However I see that there are several resources on creating a RSS reader in flash.

So what I’m thinking is this; wouldn’t the obvious solution be to just create a RSS reader in a movieclip to handle the ‘news’ section through a weblog interface like Serendipity instead of going through the effort of coding together a CMS from scratch?
Are there some issues with this apporach that I’m missing? Have I simply not found the easy approach to publishing directly from mySql to flash?
Am I going about this in entirely the wrong way?

Thoughts would be appreciated.