Directory Problems - External SWFs

I’ve made a ‘master’ swf file that refers to external swf files and they both work fine in the preview as well as opening the ‘master’ swf from the directory it’s in. All files are in the same directory so that they refer to each other as they do. However, when I’ve put the swf file into a htm and uploaded all the files into their identical directories on the internet, it won’t load the external swf file because they’re expected to be in the previous root folder.

I’m positive the directories are identical and I have told Dreamweaver to insert the swf file within the correct subfolder which is the same folder that contains the external swfs. So basically, it seems that Dreamweaver is telling me it’s a Flash problem because the directories are correct, and Flash is telling me that it’s a Dreamweaver problem because the external swf file respond from the directory they’re already in!

Just a side note: All the fla files were freshly exported to swf files into the same directory.

Can somebody help, this is confusing.