DirectX 9.0c - New Version

Since I figure there are a lot of gamers here, give the new version of DX a shot. According to some gamers on other forums, they had a few FPS increases in their games.

Btw, if you are on the Windows XP SP2 Technical Preview, do not install DX9c. It’s already installed for you :slight_smile:

Kirupa :evil:

Oeh ! Maybe this’ll fix my problem ! :beam:

I hope so! I am not really sure what the “c” part fixes over 9.0b, but I figure it’s worth giving a shot :snug:

Voet, did the Guru3D people help you at all?

I don’t wanna hijack this thread (though I probably did already lol), but no. I couldn’t sign up. I kept getting an error that the administrator has banned my email, nomatter what email adress I used. So I gave up in the end and decided to take it to the comp store. That’ll only be next week or something, so I was hoping that this new DirectX 9.0c would fix it, but it doesn’t. In fact, it makes things worse :frowning:

I hate it when something like that happens Voets. I hope the dudes at the comp store can help you.

So do I. Back to topic ! :slight_smile:

<tangent>Hold the computer for a few more days, let me look into it again, I like a challenge.</tangent>

So what’s everyone think of this so far? It seems to be cleaner than 9b. My games run a bit smoother and such. I played diablo2 yesterday and I can’t remember it running better. The big test should come in the next few days, lets call it Doom3 :wink:

I don’t see any major improvements, but then again I don’t see any loss in performance either. I think when video driver companies release drivers that take advantage of whatever 9.0c includes, you may see a greater performance.

I read on Madonion (Futuremark)'s message boards that some people got higher scores in 3DMark though :hugegrin: