Generals Zero Hour Direct3D Weirdness

Hello :slight_smile:

I’m having some problems in Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour. I updated the video drivers on this computer, and also updated Direct3D, and now the terrain is totally black. I went to download the latest driver from nVidia for the GeForce 2 Ultra, the card which is in this computer, and it seems that there is one big driver for all. I’ve also updated Direct3D To 9b. Does anyone know how I can fix this, so that the terrain becomes textured again ?

could you state your comp’s specs in detail so i can see the big picture.

btw, what did you mean you updated direct3d to 9b? direct 9b includes the drivers for 3d capability which enhances your video card’s capability. To mean by “updating” it would have been like updating to dx 9b from 8.1 which is the installed version for xp

Comp specs:

Intel Pentium III 700Mhz
Hercules 3D Prophet II Ultra
512 MB RAM
DirectX 9b (sorry, I meant I upgraded DirectX, not Direct3D)

I did indeed upgrade DirectX from an older version to 9b.

CnC Renegade had a simmilar problem for some people, I’m not sure what causes it but you might want to check complaints about that game as well, maybe a solution was posted.