Disable screen capture?

I’m trying to prevent screen capture of some copyrighted images displayed in a Flash Web site. I’ve tried using onKeypress “prt scr”, and jumping to a frame in the timeline where the image isn’t displayed, as the Print Screen key is the most commonly used for capturing from image editing programs. But that key option doesn’t seem to be available. Any suggestions?

it’s not possible to get at os calls like that from flash.\r\ras general internet rule, if you post it, say goodbye to exclusive ownership. you can try and get people in court after the fact, but if you want to show someone something, you have to send the information.\r\rtake heart that a screen capture is only 72dpi.

Is it possible for him to send this SWF to the peson and have those copyrighted images load from outside the movie, loadmovie command, and to play beyond the images so they are not captured?\r\rpj

a screen capture puts a bitmap image in your clipboard of whats on your moniter. if someone’s looking at it, it’s takeable.\r\rloading a swf into an existing movie will not prevent it from appearing in the users cache. the information still has to be downloaded, no matter how you do it.

I was afraid of that, but I needed confirmation from someone else more familiar with the process. Thanks for the feedback everyone.\r\rMike

2 things i can think of (sharing my best kept secrets, hope you appreciate!)\r1/you can name your swfs anything you like for a loadMovie, Flash doesn’t care, so if you name it “content.gif”, that’s perfectly alright for Flash, it’ll load it just the same, and nobody looking at his cache will know its your swf!\rDon’t tell everybody!\r2/try “fscommand(“trapallkeys”, true);” , i know this works offline, but haven’t tested online…let me know!

Also Paint Shop Pro has a great screen capture tool, you can take any image anytime, exept for windows mediaplayer, that does not work with it.

The easiest thing to do, which is what I’ve been doing, is to create a watermark in flash. Create some symbol… such as a site logo, which you can make very transluscent, and overlay on a part of the picture. At least then, if they get the shot, they will be getting one with a logo on it.

it’s not bullet proof, but I’ve done this.\r\rtrap right click in javascript to disallow save and call a cgi which loads another page and add the calling ip to reject list. So basically anybody who tried to steal it with right click can’t access the site from that IP. Most surfers try this before screen print.

Dial-up users change IP every time they connect, that would make for a lot of info to store for very little fx!\rIn html, you can just overlay your pics with a transparent layer which will catch the clicks.

That’s nice…so I’m sure you won’t mind the individuals that sometimes like to right click in a page to click Back from the popup menu.

well when dealing with copyrighted material, a minor inconvenience to the surfers isn’t really a pressing issue.

“minor convenience” in this case being a complete ban from the site… :wink:

I have see a javascript that repeatedly clears the clipboard. If the clipboard is cleared repeatedly then print screen and copying are prevented. But a screen capture software would probably be able to get aroudn this by copying the image to its own cache.

Alternative there is the plugin on sale at
But I have not yet managed to get it to work on my browser.

my print screen key is disabled, i have no idea why though… but on the flash, perhaps one can on focus(or off focus) from the ui, the image could be changed to the next frame?