Disappearing buttons

Hey im a bit of a newbie at flash and i have a farily simple Q. Im doing a shoot out game where when u click on the object the counter goes up but what im having trouble with is i want the button to dissapear after you click on it. Also is it possible to make a moving clickable button caz when i motion tween it it wont be a button. N e help would be greatly apreciated

1. Put the button in a movie clip with the instance name of hit_clip and keep a frame in that movie clip blank so that if you were on that frame the button would not be visible (lets use frame 3 for a demo).

2. On the button put this action:

on(press) {

3. The button is placed inside of that movie clip so I don’t even need to tell flash where to look because that is where the script would check on default.

4. Motion tween the hit_clip however you like in the _root timeline (the top directory in your Flash file).

That should work but if not reply back and I will either have you send the .fla in my e-mail and I’ll just fix it and return it to you with a description of how I fixed it!