Discusting people are not my favourite people

I live in a building with 4 other people. Great appartment, and so far the people have been great too. Everything was going good until yesterday when this new guy moved in. At first i saw him in the hall, he was kinda lurking around checking out some stuff, and all the time he had this weird and disturbing smile on his face. He’s really short and chubby. I didn’t like the guy then, and I really hate him now, here’s why:

OFF COURCE the weirdo HAD to move in to the appartment next to mine. And off cource his room have an inverted layout compared to mine - in other words: our beds are about 20 cm apart, separated only by a thin wall. There’s allways some strange noises coming from his room too - I couldn’t even describe them, except they’re loud and come in intervals of about 20 min…

But the really discusting thing is this:
I can hear him clean his throat about 6 times a day. And I’m talking LOUD throatcleaning! It sounds like a train passing by, and he keeps it going for about 2 minutes!!! WTF?!?! And when he’s done - he goes to the toilet, THE TOILET WE ALL SHARE - and spits out whatever he has collected from his throat for the last two minutes. AS A RESULT, THIS IS WHAT OUR SINK NOW LOOKS LIKE:


Wtf is wrong with this guy!?

[size=1](I’ve also attatched this image, cus there seems to be some problem with th url - in case you wondered)[/size]