Disjointed Rollover in Flash - Newbie

Just started trying to learn flash and I’ve been asked by a friend to do some work on his website.

The site can be seen here http://www.bandits-rugby.co.uk/fitness_lounge/index.html

The 6 images in the header are an image map and basically what I want to try and achieve is for the flash in the main part of the page to jump to the relevant point in the movie if the user rolls over the image in the top. e.g. if the mouse rolls over the guy in the wheelchair the flash would jump to the disabilities and rehabilitation part of the movie and stop there until the mouse either moves to another image in the header, in which case the movie jumps to the next scene etc or if the mouse moves out of the header completely the flash movie starts playing…hope that explains what I want to achieve!

Does anyone know if this can be achieved. As I said I’ve only just started learning Flash so as much detail would be much appreciated.

Many thanks in advance