Display items like a circle


I want to display some rectangle’s on a imaginaire circle.
But it doesn’t appear as I want to.

This is my code:

var items = 8;
for(var i=0; i<items; i++){
        //make a random rect.
        var myRect:MovieClip = attachMovie("processMoveBall","processMoveBall"+i,i);

        var radius:Number = 100;
        // calculate the rotaion bases on the items
        var calcRot = ((360/items)*i);
        var calcY = (radius*Math.cos(calcRot)*-1);
        var calcX = radius*Math.sin(calcRot);
        trace(i+": "+calcRot);
        trace("x: "+calcY+" y: "+calcX);
        //use those values
        myRect._x = calcX;
        myRect._y = calcY;
        myRect._rotation = calcRot;
        myRect._alpha = i+20;

You can download the fla here: http://users.pandora.be/heyninck/circleTest.fla.zip
Somebody has any hint/idea?