Displaying excel spreadsheet in a text box?

Just wondering if it is possible to display a spreadsheet in a text box like you can from a text file. So you can just update the spreadsheet without having to re-publish in flash. If anyone knows where I can find a tutorial or maybe a pointer would be a huge help.

Microsoft Excel 2000
Macromedia Flash MX



Does ANYONE have any ideas on how this could be accomplished or have any other suggestions for me? Please help!


no you cant :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if you can. You can load an external file into Flash with HMTL formatting.

If you export the table from Excel into HTML (I think you can do that), so the columns and rows are retained, you might be able to load the table into Flash and retain the layout - not sure, just guessing…

No its simply not possible. About the tables, that is also not possible. Flash only supports very basic HTML formatting. The [table] tag is not one of them.

You would have to rebuild your excell sheet in flash using a dynamic textbox for every cell and construct and load the data accordingly.

boo! :evil:

Thanks for the info.