Displaying foreign characters - best practices?

Hi Guys,

I’ve got a client that needs to display some icelandic characters in there flash application.

The application is updated by a cms using php - and the data is sent as a simple data string (as apposed to XML).

Here’s an example string: Sæglópur

Now this saves into the database fine, and outputs to the web browser fine with a heading of ‘text/plain’.

When loaded into flash the content doesnt display at all however - and when traced I get ‘?’ in diamonds where the foreign characters should be appearing.

Is the some list of best practices or anyone with some experience in tis that can help?

you have to embed latin and latin extended formats into all the dynamic textfields

fullstops etc

it bumps your file size up but enables different than english font.

yup done that.

if my foreign characters are hard coded into the flash this works great - but its breaks when they’re dynamically loaded :frowning:

Any clues?

I’ve made an app which loads text in through XML and it works with French and the like so :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I can only assume its due to it being PHP, maybe you have to turn it to a string() even though its suppose to be one shrugs

I was of the understand PHP can write XML

I’ll ask a guy I know.

PHP definitely can write XML - but the app is to advanced to make a change as substantial as using XML instead of strings at this point.

I’m sure its some kind of character encoding issue but im just not sure :frowning:

Set your external documents encoding to utf-8