Displaying Hover Captions

In your “Displaying Hover Captions” tutorial, it explains how to do it in Flash MX.
I just skimmed through it, but…
can this not be done if Flash 5?
and if not, why not?



Same with Flash 5 (I just did it). A few things maybe, but minor.

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POM YOU"RE BACK!! THE WORLD REJOICES!! Well, not really…but welcome back anyway

Welcome back Pom! :slight_smile: I’ll have your tutorials (that you sent a decade ago) up in a few days!

This (hover captions) can very easily be done in Flash 5 as well. Because Flash MX is the “wave of the future” I’m not all that concerned about writing Flash 5 tutorials.


thanks guys :smiley:
By the way, I’m using hover captions in this -not a site, really- animation I’m doing. I’ll let you see it when it’s done.

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can’t wait to see it :slight_smile: