Ditching Corel for Adobe CS

Yup, I’m thinking to do it after using CorelDRAW/Graphics Suite for about half a decade, and any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

My Corel-bashing rant:
Corel has just gone down and down since the old days. New versions consist of simply a few hopeless little features, along with even slower, clunkier and bogged-down performance. Industry-standard conformation still hasn’t made its way into CorelDRAW after all these years, so creating PS or EPS files is just an absolute pain, which usually results in me having to export to Illustrator as an in between step. Colour Management has always been horrible. Horrible beyond belief. I create artwork, export to PDF and poof, completely different colour. Funnily enough, though, the colour I see in the PDF in Acrobat is usually closer to the actual print than Corel. And fonts… only in v12 have they introduced some half-decent (but far from perfect) text antialiasing, something Illustrator has done 10x better since v1.0 (yes, I’ve used v1.0). On top of that, it doesn’t support OpenType fonts. Overall, the quality and popularity of CorelDRAW has just declined dramatically, going from a high-end professional publishing solution at A$1500, to a humble, obsolete designer-on-a-budget package at A$600 (though I bought the upgrade version for A$300, no questions asked). To underline its unpopularity in the industry, Corel pulled out their Mac version from v12 onwards. Great one.


I’ve been using Photoshop for a few years now and, of course, I love it. I can use Illustrator reasonably competently, and I’ve recently been introduced to InDesign at school. But the thing that’s really sparked my interest is Adobe Creative Suite 2. This thing looks absolutely amazing. I really like the look of Adobe Bridge and Version Cue - in terms of organisation, I really have been missing out. What I really want is the industry-standard compatibility and power of these Adobe apps… Plus Mac compatibility, in case I decide to go for Mac later on…

So yeah, I wanna switch. Not sure how many Adobe users here have familiarity with Corel, but I’d like anything you can give me about making the switch. Equivalent tools, procedures, terminology, etc, etc, etc. Better still, has anyone actually made this switch themselves?

I’d love to hear any tips, suggestions, advice or comments.

Thanks in advance :smiley: