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[size=1]the 2nd site is better than the first by far. I never made it passed the splash page of the 1st site. sorry

the 2nd site-
i like the ideas but of course there’s a couple things i would

First thing is: 600k for that site is unacceptable. I’m not sure why
it would be that large, but you should seriously look to reduce
that in any way you can.

I like the darkness of the site, i think the feel is decent, but
there’s absolutely no color at all…maybe add some dark reds or
purples. [??]

i’m not too fond of that navigational system. Sure, sure…it’s
tricky and looks cool, but really isn’t functional. On the +side of it, it fits the site’s look really well. I think what might make it more
appealing is if the menu actually spun with the mouseover movement bringing the menu option to the mouse, rather than
the surfer having to “go get” it.

the bottom line that goes from left to right and fades from white
to black to grey etc is really choppy and looks like an imported gif.
If it is, I’d drop it and create it yourself in flash.

just suggestions of course, but really a wonderful site. nice work!


Good idea with the transitions. But I agree with what Unflux said. Plus: you could find something more sexy for you preload than a startDrag on a text… :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow - I thought that was really cool (the second one that is). But I’d have to agree with Unflux - 600k is way too big. Also, for some reason, my computer slows down to a crawl when I pull up your site. Intense on bandwidth, intense on memory usage.

That aside, I like it! I think it has a unique and creative interface. I think the black and white is good, but you could use a bright color to your advantage (such as making the initial menu button a bright blue or yellow to so the user’s eyes are drawn to it and making the interface more user friendly). Anyway, I find the transitions simple but entertaining. Keep up the good work.

the first link doesnt work for me
so couldnt compare between those two…
anyway, the site is really nicely done
nice nice nice

so all of you want colors!
no colors!!
The logo dgraus doesn’t have any so…

about the size, I working on it but
I don’t want to harm the transitions.

in the first site, you have to use the direction keys on the keyboard to move the big eye caracter. And space to activated the machines.

thanks for the ideas.


The first one is a joke…

Uma piada!!! hahahahaha!

The second is much better but, you can use swift 3d to build clear 3d objects.

O segundo site é legal, mas pesado. Porque você não rastreia as imagens no flash?

Você faz parte do