Do while condition is false, or someting like that?

I trying to build a loop so that One MC won’t play untill the other MC has _visible = false. This delay would alow my one MC to play it’s close animation before the next called for MC would play its opening animation. I will PM a zipped FLa to anyone who wants to see the set up I have so far.

PS I tried:
_root.loading._visible = true;
while{(_root.window1._visible = true)
_root.window2._visible = true;
_root.window2. gotoAndPlay (2);

And it caused my compuer to come up with a warning saying the code would take a long time to execute do you want to abort.:-\

I would just use
if(mymovieclip._visible = false) {
do something;

will that make it loop until the condition is met?

Put the test in an enterFrame. If you put it in a do while loop, you’ll stay on the same frame all the time, hence the error message.

pom :asian: