Do you have trigger a mc from the root?

I’m the one that’s trying to link movie clips together and have a bit more info if someone can help.

Basically on my root timeline, I have frame 1 & 2, each containing a movie clip, but when i publish the movie all that plays is the first frame of each movie clip - inotherwards just what seems to be on the main timeline and not the entire Mc sitting in frame 1, say.

Question; i had assumed that i could place each moviclip on the root timeline, and as the playhead on the root timeline hit, say frame one , it would automatically start playing that movie clip’s internal timeline.

So, am i suppose to put some sort of scritp on say frame 1 of the root timeline that instructs the playhead to leave the root and go to the MC timeline and begin to play?


well, it should work as you say, when the playhead hits a frame with a MC it should start to play the MCs.

what could be happening is that the main timeline is looping it’s play, so each time it only gets to show 1 frame of your MCs before it loops around to the beginning.

Try putting a stop(); script on the last frame of your main timeline. This will keep the main stage for starting over.

Hey you nailed it on the head - actually i had to do one more step - put a stop action on EACH frame in the root timeline and then each clip played - as an aside, any idea why each frame needed its own stop action?

Anyway, thank you so much for helping.