Do you know Heelys?

Hi there,

Let me introduce a new mini website I launched last week. | The french “Talon”
The first french website about Heelys Shoes.

Check it out at:

Bye :slight_smile:


~Impressive~ clean, orginal work
i like road effect aswell as the buttons

  1. please change the font, the pixel font u have that comes down in the intro when the road effect start, the color+font do not match at all
  2. the button have hoover captions (is it me or does this actually slow down the button effect) + it also cover part of the effect specialy the question mark. i’m only saying because i love the button effect u have going there. instead of displaying an arrow cursor on roll over display the hand cursor it makes it easier people to know that its a link.

thats all everything else i personaly ~love~.:smiley:

Very nice work here, i like the design. And the coulour scheme…
But be careful with the pixelfont it’s a bit small…

You did good work on the site, Much better than the official site of Heelys… !!!

Nice like most of it, but it is a bit cramped up, but I guess u ain’t really gonna change that now. I like the road effect its quite good, but I agree with whoever said that you should bump up the font size. Well done :wink:

:hr: looks really good I like the road concept !

This site is so smooth, I like it

Great job!