What a technique! Check this out you guys! How in the...?!



I wanted to see if they were pushing bitmaps or vectors, so I zoomed in and indeed they were scaling and moving bitmaps and using the MouseOver action to change screens.

By the way things are moving, it looks like 60fps, but could be lower. I wonder if this site would be painful to watch on a slow computer/modem…

gave me a headache

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Thats A Crazy Site!
Do You Do Other Websites, Like Make Them
Flash For Intros?

Interesting effect. I’ve been experimenting with something similar. I like it.

Et en plus, ça vient d’une boîte française? canadienne?
(j’ai juste jeté un coup d’oeil…).
Par contre, je n’ai jamais pu dépasser la page de détection?!

Sorry everybody else, but i felt like some French here, brush up on your vocab’, hehe…

something about canadian and it you couldnt get passed the detection page.

im on a 33.6k modem and it loaded fine and had no real slow down.

just thought id say :slight_smile:

Français :slight_smile: