Do you know Jason?

I love the Primeagen :smile:


You know I started this video hoping someone would punch this man in the broomhilda mustache, but I ended it less so

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Man that first YT comment really hits:
"This game started with “i don’t know json” and ended with “okay, i dont even know js”

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:smile: I don’t think there’s many people that know all that unless you’re a Kyle Simpson (you don’t know JS) type…

Type coercion is probably the worst thing about JS.

Maybe thats why its so slow…

If you look at the spec and how the inbuilt method implement in C++, it a whole heap of if statements checking all the arguments and types ect…

Thats why a lot of the time your built from scratch algorithms run faster than native methods… it just bypasses all the checks… it either runs or throws :cowboy_hat_face:

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