Do you think it's sluggish?

I don’t know whats up but i need suggestions.

why is the site so sluggish ?

sluggish as hell !! I don’t know why though. Maybe you have too many enterFrames running at the same time, maybe you’re using twisted methods :smiley: Hard to tell without looking at the code.

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When you have big windows like that, and you can move them around…the site will get sluggish. Don’t allow them to be moved. There really is no functionally it with that anyway. Also, when one window opens, close the other window that is already open. There is no need to have more than one window open. Also, I’m sure you are just changing the _visible or _alpha of the windows. Instead try using attachMovie, or make each window into a separate SWF and use LoadMovie…it would make it run much more smoothley

Jubba…thanks for the suggestions…could you kindly throw me a sample of attachMovie…and what it’s supposed to do?
Because I am just changing the _visibles and _alphas on the windows…and I guess ilyas maybe right too…about using twisted methods…but hey I’m new :slight_smile:

thanks …

sorry for the late response. I didn’t see the post…There are examples of attachMovie in the Actionscript forum. basically all you do is go to the library rightclick on the movieclip that you want to attach and go to Linkage. There it will say “export for actionscripting” so you give it a name in the top box. Then, on the button the code would be

attachMovie (“mcName”, “copy”+ii, ii)
_root[“copy”+ii]._x = whereever
_root[“copy”+ii]._y = whereever

mcName is the name that you would give it in the “export for actionscripting” box when you rightclick in the library…

That’s a very good advice. loadMovie, attachMovie and such MUST BE used all the time in a Flash site. For fluidity and size matters.

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