I don't know what's going on...plz HELP!

hi guys,
I’m a newbie and this is my first site so plz no yelling.


People have so much going on in there flash sites and its never sluggish, it’s fast…I on the other hand have a few windows and a 3D head and my site is sooo sluggish I feel like slapping it myself.

What am I doing wrong? Am I over killing on something? Plz let me know…plz take a look at it


It’s very nice, the only thing I’d do is illiminate the dragable windows. There doesnt’ seem to be much use for them, as you can only move them an inch in any direction anyway.

It didn’t seem too suggish to me though.

Click on all the buttons and see how everything just dies…especially the jobs section.

like I said… you’ve got them all set to pop open as dragable movie clips… that’s got to be a real bog to the system. I’d take that out first. It’s not necessary considering how far around you can actually move them.