Document classes and library instances

Hi! I’ve got a BIG problem, hope someone can help me :frowning:

  1. I’ve got a Main Document class, that loads external swf each with its own document class (they are pages and pieces of the site).

  2. The Main class makes use of some movieclip simply instantiated from the GUI library. It all goes fine.

  3. The external swf have references to the Main class, and here start problems: when I compile them, I get an error for every library mclip used by Main. See the attachment.
    A simple trace(Main) is enough to start getting all that errors.

A partial solution is to uncheck Strict Mode in publish settings, but maybe it’s not the correct way solve my problem. What do you think about it?

Please… Need Help…
If you want, I can post code or link to flas.