Talking to external SWF Doc class

I have a file structure similar to the following:



In my ContentSWFDocClass I reference library elements that were “exported for actionscript”, so they only exist in the ContentSWF. The ContentSWF compiles fine because my ContentSWFDocClass can find all the resources in the library…

The problem is that I need my LoadingSWFDocClass to talk to my ContentSWFDocClass. However, when I try to include a variable (or make any reference to something) of type ContentSWFDocClass in my LoadingSWFDocClass I get a compile error because the compiler doesn’t recognize the library symbols that ContentSWFDocClass is referencing.

How can I get around this? I really need to reference elements in the library in my ContentSWFDocClass, and I also really need to be able to send commands from my LoadingSWFDocClass to my ContentSWFDocClass.