Does anyone know

does anyone know some sites i can get kick@$$ fonts for free? plz post the links :smiley: thanx


Also… (german, but it should be no problem if you don’t speak german) is another one I go to.

thanx guys, i appriciate it :smiley:

Hey Lost, I just went to for the heck of it figured I wouldnt find anything as I have way too many fonts as is - but hey I downloaded like 15 I thought were different enough from my stuff. Great site thanks for the tip!


No problem, I go there for like 95% of my fonts. Maybe I should stop giving away my secret:evil:

Great guy, Great fonts, just gotta love the site=)

I know!! lost gave me that site! don’t steal it from my thread!! :slight_smile:
Just playing with ya…ehhe …ya thanx for that great site lost :smiley: hey do you have another “great:P” site about photoshop tutes? I just start learning photoshop and i love it :smiley: i wanna learn more! so link me thanx :D:cowboy:

oh and reverendflash, thanx for that site :smiley: is pretty good.

so is



That is all I can think of right now off the top of my head.

thanx lost! you are my idol :smiley: you helped me so much ! thanx ! :slight_smile:
:hat: lost for PResident!:hat:
:frowning: got school tomorrow… latez”

Thanks Calway:) Now I am blushing.

Good luck in school:)