does anybody know where I can get this font… for FREE!? =)

It’s called “OGRA”

Hmmm, if they are charging for it, it is illegal for any other font site to post it on their page. Soooo, I don’t think it is possible to get it for free. Sorry.

Umm… what he said. Try looking for a similar font… if you search hard enough, I’m pretty sure you can find a similar font.

oki… you’re right!

anybody who knows some cool free font sites, despite flashkit and 1001fonts…?

I usually go to and

Some of the best free font sites I have found. Aenigma makes all his own fonts and they are INCREDIBLE!

This site has some very cool fonts. The are free to download and use for NON COMERCIAL USE. When your in the font section there click the arrows going to the left to find more free sections.