Domain question

I have a quesion for you guys.

I bought a domain name for a client via my hosting company. The site is up and running, great.

Now my client wanted a couple of other domain names which, once typed into the browser would resolve to the first domain I registered. (For example lets say I bought, but also wanted and to send the user to

Now my host wants to slam me with a $5 a month charge (on top of the registration) to have those extra domains send the users to my main domain. I think that is a little steep.

My question is this, have any of you been in a similair situation and have some advice for me on how to do this without the extra cost. As far as I am concerned there must be an easy way to redirect users to the main site. All I need is for a like redirect. has free url forwarding. You have to have purchased the name from them though.