Domain transfer VS change DNS

I gotta change hosting on my client’s domain. How much should I expect this to cost in general? Also changing DNS is free… is this a second rate way of doing it? Will if effect search engine rankings at all?

Thanks in advance


well if you have access to the domain name control panel, you could just change the DNS, put the new hosts DNS…
it costs from $8 to $30 to renew or transfer the domain, depending on where you do it…

I do have this access… so is it just the same thing only a manual way of doing it?

actually even if you transfer the domain, you would still have to put the new DNS in order for the domain to point to the new host…
so in this case you probably dont need to transfer it or anything, just update the DNS info once the new hosting is set up.

Excellent! Good answer. So what does transfering the domain actually do? Just have it ‘provided’ by someone else? So if I dont transfer it it won’t be any less linked to the hosting? Crazy.