Dont get mad

But I changed a poll that is in D&D. It is one of those useless PC MAC ones. It was at 5 when I changed it to 1000 so whatever increments for 1000 I’ll add it back to 5. But I just wanted to have fun with them before I close the post. These kind of posts never produce anything productive anyway. So I’ll end the flame session as soon as it starts.


j/k, btw I added/votedfor the BeOS choice =)

No problem DDD. I edited it a little bit more to make it fair for all sides :stuck_out_tongue:

Im not gonna post in this one - but smart deal with the poll (whether that be the work of kirupa or nathan).

The thing with threads like these are its really just personal preference, thats reall all there is to it, sure one may be a bit faster here and there, but it just comes down to whhat you like more.

The pencil and paper bit was me this time :stuck_out_tongue: I actually liked DDD’s poll numbers a lot more hehe.