Don't you just hate it

…when you see a new font by Monotype and they’re completely right when they say ‘You know you want it’ and it’ll cost you £560 to get it?

Hmm…not really. I actually just go to other font sites that give away like fonts for free ;).

I see what you mean though. It is annoying when you want something and they tease you about it :P.

It’s a nice font though I agree with Sharif, you can probably spot one just like it for free somewhere else.

I know what you mean. And I also do the same. But there are advantages to having a font family so you can vary the thickness of the characters.
Most free font also don’t have the 6 special danish characters: æøåÆØÅ.

… plus I really like the design of this font. I think they’re right when they say it’s versatile and distinctive at the same time…

It’s nice really nice, but not 200 BP nice.