dot5hosting (wow!)

I’ve gotta say, dot5hosting is quite possibly the worst host on the planet. Really, it is. This guy in comp sci, who we bought hosting from last year (which then went down, and all data was lost, without backups and we could get no support, cost us tons of money), has suggested his cousin’s company, where he gets a big discount. My teacher said it supported Python, Ruby, and PHP, but I was a bit of a nay-sayer. I warned him that very few hosts actually support Python, but he insisted they did. So, when I got home (the sites’ blocked at school :P), I looked it up. Apparently, they do have Python support. :wink:

Read this… wow!

[whisper]Please read it; it’s rather short, and goes pretty fast. And it’s funny as hell.[/whisper]

He hung up on me. :lol: