Dowloaded html files open without graphics

When I preview unzipped but unopened downloaded html files from the modules, I can see the text with embedded picture in a preview pane. However, when I open the html files in FrontPage2002, text appears but with only a frame with a little red X box in the corner for each graphic. I must right-click each file for picture properties window to find the file name, browse to the downloaded unzipped folder, and place it. I’m running Windows 98, Office XP. I asked a friend also with Fronpage 2002 to download and unzip module files and open them… Same results. Please offer a remedy.

Hey JNic,
I’ve unzipped the files I downloaded from my Web site, and then I extracted the files to a place on my hard drive. All the files were in their appropriate module folders “module 3 files”, “module 4 files”, etc. When I opened a random example file in FrontPage, I was able to view the images as well.

Is there a specific file you are having issues with, or does this problem occur uniformly on all HTML files you are opening in FrontPage?


The problem occurs uniformly with each HTML file with embedded graphics.

What program are you using to unzip the files? WinZip does a good job of keeping all the files in their appropriate folders. I’m quite puzzled as to why you are getting this problem.

The address from where you can download WinZip is:

Kirupa Chinnathambi