Downloading all loops from FlashKit

Hi all

I am interested in downloading all of the mp3 files from here for my Flash project:

That way I can quickly browse through the MP3 files to find the right loops.

When I open one mp3 file at a time, it sends me to this location to play it:

but that location seems to be “forbidden”

I tried programs like HTTrack Website Copier but no luck… I get “forbidden 403” error… Any idea how to achieve this?


TL;DR: I would love to download all of the music loops from FlashKit
instead of downloading / browsing them manually one by one and I would
like to find a method of achieving this.

I looked in the network traffic, and I wasn’t able to find a whole lot there either. Strange! The preview does play, so the sound loops are being retrieved from somewhere!

yeah, it’s weird
I wish someone could help me make a simple script (perhaps in Python?) that clicks the elements one by one and downloads them automatically, as if you did it “manually”

Can someone please help? I could pay you to create a script for me that would download all the mp3 files.