Help with Crawler Script to download free legal MP3 files


I could really use some help, please. If it’s too complicated, I am willing to pay. But if someone could just point me in the right direction, I would also be very grateful.

It is about downloading all loops from here:

I need some sort of script to do that.

Here is what I have so far.

This is a code someone helped me with.
It’s written in Python and it helped me extract user name URLs from all the users that commented on a particular Youtube video. I don’t know if some parts from this code can be “recycled” for this new mp3 downloading script.

Furthermore, when discussing about this particular script, someone suggested me following:

“first you have to go to and collect all the genre links. for example - this has can be done by hand. from there, for each of the pages, you do (document.querySelectorAll(’#articleListing > div:nth-child(2) a.navLink’), function (a) { return a.href; }) to get urls for more pages, and then parse them for individual loop pages, like (document.querySelectorAll(’.articleTitle a’), function (a) { return a.href; }). finally, on each of that pages, you get document.querySelector(’#downloadLink a’).href and download it. good luck )”

The problem is - I don’t know enough about programming right now to be able to put this together.

Can someone please help?