DQS is Back!

Hey all,
I’m sure that a few of you remember the old DQS forum that was run by Ingo of 24-7media. Due to some political problems, the old DQS had to move and was taken over by a group of dedicated members which turned it into BehindTheCurtain.org which is still going rather strong.

I am here to tell you that DQS has oppend again, and under the leadership of Ingo one more time. Currently DQS has a low member base and the forums have been refitted to mostly design with a little bit of coding questions.

I am under the username “d” as i was in the past so if you pop in, give me a shout. A new design forum, its sure to be a hit (agian).

Possibly once DQS gains speed, we could do another forum vs. forum with kirupa vs DQS? I think that would be one helluva battle for sure!