Drag n drop in flash 5

action script in flash 5.
making a game for kid so he can drag drop numbers on each squar.
if there are many block arange in a line he should place number 1 2 3 and so on in the cerroct block,i’m able to do that but i want to know how to make action script so if he dropndrop the number in the wrong block it should go off screen or to a block from where it cannot be drag again.
i have numbers on screen which are button in a moviclip so they can be drag to the squar block and when placed in correct square block it stay there and word CERROCT is displayed for a few second.
action script for above
on (press) {
startDrag ("/1 but", true);
on (release) {
stopDrag ();
if (getProperty("/1 but", _droptarget) eq “/sq1”) {
tellTarget ("/status") {
gotoAndPlay (“correct”);
} else {
setProperty ("/1 but", _x, “20”);
setProperty ("/1 but", _y, “360”);
NEED actionscript if the number is droped on the wrong block it should go to
a place or a block which will have all wrong droped numbers and they should not be active again or could not be able to be drag again from there.
experts pl help.