Dragable window, swapdepth, and captions?


I’ve been having a blast using each of the tutorials regarding “dragable windows”, “SwapDepth”, and “Hover Captions.” I’m working to combine the effects, similar to mirroring the material found at The Remedi Project. I’ve got the captions to work with the dragable window — until I drag the window to another location. (The caption doesn’t follow.) Any advice? I haven’t applied any swap depth yet. Will this be a problem?

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It should work. Can you post your code?

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I’m at school right now – and the code’s at home. I’ll let ya know when I have it uploaded and available.




I left you a PM with the address to my code. Thanks!


:-\ I’ll do it this time, but please don’t send me PM with questions. I check the forums regularly anyway.

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The problem is you have 2 startDrag at the same time. remove the startDrag(_root.caption, true); line and replace the actions inside the caption:

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
	// this replaces the startDrag

	if (_root.x==1) {
		this._alpha = 50;
	} else {
		this._alpha = 0;

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Thanks for the help. I’m having a little trouble though. When I replace the Hover Action Frame’s code with what you gave me, I get the following Output error message:

Scene=Scene 1, Layer=Hover Actions, Frame=1: Line 1: Clip events are permitted only for movie clip instances
onClipEvent (enterFrame) {

Am I placing the code in the wrong place?

I appreciate your patience, Jeff :cowboy:

You have to put that code directly on the caption thing. A part of it is already there, by the way.


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It works! doing a little dance now Thanks!!!




I’m trying to add a clickable link-button to the draggable movie. The button toggles correctly between states from within the draggable movie’s timeline … but when I preview the entire movie, the button just sits there, much like an inanimate object.

Any tips on getting the button to work like a button???:-\

Thanks, Jeff

?!?!? Tell me more.

I just uploaded a new edition of my code.


My movie drags well … but now I need to establish a button I can click on to take me to the “merch1.htm” page. When I publish the movie, the button doesn’t react. So, how do I get the button to respond – and to respond independent of any clicking outside of the button, but still in the movie clip (to drag). My link-button is in the upper-right corner of the draggable movie.

The REMEDI PROJECTS have those two buttons in the upper-right corner, performing similar to what I’d like.

Thanks! Jeff

Any luck ironing out my “gobbly gook” yet? :*(


Your button is under another button. You’ll have to put it on top if you want it to work. But be careful that it still drags with the rest…:smirk:


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I’m new. :hat:

Thanks! Jeff


I’m in FLASH quicksand – sure could use a hand. :elderly:


OK, corrected. It’s a bit complicated to explain, and I can’t attach it. PM me your mail, man.

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Next … and hopefully final question … how do I add the URL to the button contained within that movie clip. It’s refusing any addressing for me. I sent you a PM with the URL.


Oh no… Not a problem again… :stuck_out_tongue: