Draggable Menu

Hi Everyone,

I am having some difficulties with the basic draggable menu and am seeking some help. I have been able to make it wotk when using the FLA’s given, but stumble when recreating it using my own files.

I have a 4 image panel about 1200 pixels long bleeding off a 400 pixel wide movie that I hope to drag back and fourth. So, in the given FLA, inside the movie clip, the panel is 4 separate squares, but can I import it as 1 attached gif - does this matter? So, its on the stage, turn it into a movie clip?

Secondly, the mask. I draw a square to mask what I want and turn that into a movie clip as well?

The dragger. I drew a square in Flash and converted it to a movie and named it dragger, then inside the movie clip, converted that to a button named it button- is that right?

When inside the dragger movieclip I copied and pasted the code - on (Press) dragging = 1 …

then on the main stage with the dragger selected I copied and pasted the rest of the code - OnClipEvent (Load)…

The dragger slides, but the clip does not move. Can anyone suggest what it is that I may be missing.

Any thoughts would be great.



I don’t understand your first question, sorry. Can you explain any better ?

About the mask, you’re right, but it’s not so important because when it comes to masks, Flash simply looks a the shape, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a MC, a graphic or simply a drawing.

Right about the dragger too. I would do it the other way around though. I turn the square into a button, and then the button into a movie clip.

About the last thing, maybe your forgot to give an instane name to the big picture.

pom 0]

Hey Pom,

Thanks for the help - I’ll give your suggestions a try. What I meant in the first question was - does it matter what size my sliding panel will be? Could it be, say, 1800 pixels wide while the stage is only, say, 500 pixels?