Draggable scrollpane? Please help, Flash MX

I’m fairly new to Actionscripting so bear with me please =).

I’m trying to create a pseudo OS within flash. It’s for a website I’m making to help me learn flash and action scripts. Essentially there will be “files” to click that that open up draggable windows, just like a mac/pc/linux etc GUI.

For example; there could be files for “about, gallery, info, contact” or whatever else that when clicked would open up scrollable/draggable/closeable windows with the content in them.

I’m having serious problems finding any documentation or tutorials on this, even though I’m pretty sure this kind of thing has been used often. My main hang up right now is draggable scrollpanes. Is it possible to do? I can’t seem to figure it out.

I’m really stuck on the draggable scrollpanes, but help with any of the other parts would be greatly appreciated as well. Just to let you know where I am at—

I have movie clips in place of the scroll panes right now. I wasn’t sure on how to actually open the movie clips with a button press so I just placed the two movie clips off the stage, and when one of the two buttons on the stage is pressed, it moves one of the clips onto the stage (thats a ghetto way of doing it, but I’m not sure on how to do it a better way). The clips are draggable with transparency and levels so whatever your dragging becomes slightly transparent and moves to the top level. Aside from my scrollpane problem, I also have no idea how to get the clips to close or move off the stage…

Anyway, please help me out if you can. Thanks!


hey man, i assume ur using mx2004. i attached an FLA i quickly made. its got a draggable scrollpane, open window button and i use the _visible AS to make the box be visible when u click teh window button. Also has an X button to close the window.

its basically just compiled MCs and buttons.

hope this helps.

Sorry for the delayed reply, very busy at work.

Thank you so much for helping me out, it’s exactly what I was talking about =)

no probs